Each MBT Immersive experience at the cabin will be limited to no more than 30 attendees to maximize access to Tom. Attendees will arrive at the cabin from mid-afternoon on Thursday and settle in to their chosen accommodation. Airport transfers will be provided from Knoxville airport for those who need them. There is ample parking outside the cabin for those of you who wish to drive yourselves. That evening, there will be a welcoming group dinner with Tom followed by an introductory talk and the first set of exercises. Friday morning, breakfast will be served at 8am and the first binaural beats exercises will begin at 9am. Each session will last approximately one hour. After each session there will be a discussion about everyone's experiences. You will then get a short amount of down time before the next session begins. There will be two sessions in the morning before lunch is served at 1pm. After lunch, you will have personal down time where you are free to do as you wish for a couple of hours. Take a walk in the woods, watch a movie in the home theatre, maybe sleep or practice with the binaural beats, maybe do some yoga or take a swim. The third session of the day will begin at 4pm. After the discussion about that session there will be a short amount of down time before dinner is served at 6pm. After dinner there will be plenty of time to talk and ask Tom questions about the day's experiences or whatever is on your mind. The evening will finish with you heading off to your bedroom to listen to the binaural beats of your choice. Both Saturday and Sunday will follow a similar pattern meaning there will be 10 sessions in total (one Thursday, three Friday, three Saturday and three Sunday).  There will be no sessions or binaural beats on the Monday morning as you prepare for your re-entry into the world. Breakfast will be served at 8am and after breakfast there will be time for one final discussion before everyone says their fond farewells. You can download the full schedule below!

Download Full Schedule

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What to Expect


What will you learn?

Tom has been working on the schedule very carefully to maximize the potential for each attendee. 

During the immersive experience you will learn:

  • How to reach and hold point consciousness
  • How to communicate with other 
  • How to communicate with other consciousnesses
  • How to remote view and heal
  • How to access and explore the Larger Consciousness System

And so much more. We are only limited by our belief traps, fear and ego. Let them go and see where this journey of discovery will take you.