Frequently Asked Questions


Things you may be thinking!

"Is Tom really going to be there?"

Yes, Tom will be there all weekend. You will be spending at least ten hours a day with him on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

"Just how intense is the MBT Immersive Experience going to be?"

It's going to be quite intensive.  Be prepared to work hard!

"Is a knowledge of Tom's My Big TOE absolutely necessary?"

While not absolutely necessary, those of you with a knowledge of Tom and his work may have an advantage.

"Will it work? Is this right for me?"

While Tom and MBT Events are confident that you will get a lot out of the experience, we cannot guarantee the same results for everyone. This is a personal journey of discovery and everyone is different!

"Will I be able to have private time with Tom?"

Possibly, but we cannot guarantee it. The schedule is a busy one particularly for Tom, so we ask that you respect his right to down time the same as everyone else!

"How many people will there be at each Immersive Experience?"

It all depends on the venue. Because of the sleeping configuration at the cabin, we estimate that the average number of attendees at each experience there  will be around 28. At the chateau in France it will be closer to 40 and at Lumley Castle in the UK we are anticipating somewhere  between 50 and 70 attendees.

"Are children welcome at the MBT Immersive Experiences?"

Sorry, no. This is going to be very much an adults-only event. We hope you can understand that total commitment and concentration will be needed on your part the entire weekend to garner the best results. Therefore, the minimum age for unattended participants/attendees is 18. In certain circumstances, an exception may be made if the person under 18 is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

I'm vegetarian/vegan/gluten intolerant! Will all the meals be suitable for me?"

The MBT Immersive Experiences will, of course, cater to all tastes and dietary requirements. Whenever meat is prepared, this will be done on the barbecue grills outside to avoid any discomfort to attendees. There will always be a selection of things that you can eat at every meal. Just let us know your preferences when you register.